George Tiqui "Tiki" - Managing Partner

George Tiqui

George Tiqui retired from the US Armed Forces with over 20 years as a Telecommunications Operations Chief in 2002.  His assignments include numerous overseas tours but spent most of his career in the Washington DC Metropolitan area.  He has a Bachelor of Science in Business Management and was a partner in the Finance Industry as a sales and IT Consultant before a career change into the Health and Wellness Industry.  His career change came after dealing with an illness that required changes to his lifestyle and health.  Today, George uses his management skills and 15+ years of sales to propel bWell Naturals as a Premier Sales and Marketing company in the Mid-Atlantic Region.  George continues to maintain connections within the IT field.

George is a native of Hawaii and grew up enjoying the many outdoor activities the island had to offer.  His true passion was surfing but any activities around water is a pleasure.  He enjoys biking, kayaking, hiking, and especially golf with his friends, but most importantly he enjoys time with family and friends. 

Susan Ruppert - Partner

Susan Ruppert

A simple book on healthy living helped me discover my passion, sparked my interest and inspired me to get me where I am today.  Before I knew it I was reading labels on everything in conventional and health food stores and questioning ingredients to how they may benefit my health or maybe negatively impact my health.

Being a licensed esthetician and a passion for organic skin care, I was lead to a position as a brand ambassador and sales associate for a skin care line sold at Whole Foods Markets. Soon after, I became a Territory Manager for a Natural  Products Broker in the Mid-Atlantic region for 6 years until now co-owner of  bWell Naturals. This organic revolution and the transparencies that evolved from it is what makes this interesting, fun and challenging.  Other positions I’ve held in the past which help support and complement my career were in finance, and as a medical assistant (CMA) working in a dermatology practice.

Born and raised in the Washington, DC area. I hope to travel more in the coming days, stop and smell the roses, while meeting new people, continuing my education and spending quality time with family and friends.

Debbie Bowe - Partner

Debbie Bowe

Debbie brings over 40 years of sales and marketing experience to the bWell Naturals team.  She has held positions in management, business development, and training in the information technology, grocery, and natural product industry.  Debbie was first exposed to natural medicine at an early age because her family had owned a pharmacy business in Italy.  Though, it was her grandmother who inspired and taught her about the aspects of herbs and natural medicine. 

Debbie enjoys sports and loves to play racquetball and basketball.  She is very involved with her church "Calvary Chapel" and volunteers to help people dealing with drugs and alcohol abuse.  When there is down time she loves to READ and enjoy time with her WONDERFUL husband of 32 years.  

Jayla Stanton - Product Demonstrator & Ambassador

Jayla Stanton is a nutritional and supplement consultant who represents bWell Naturals brands through educational demos.  She strongly believes in educating consumers about healthier options for a healthier society.   Jayla has worked in both the pharmaceutical and nutraceutical industry for 8 years, continuously researching what this natural health industry has to offer.  Jayla has been involved in countless health education forums teaching about the wholeness of health and representing like-minded companies and organizations.  She is an avid promoter of holistic health in various types of communities.  Jayla aspires to conceptually integrate natural health in all facets of society through, educational outreach, media, research, and writing.